Optech ILRIS 3D
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Driver for the Optech ILRIS 3D laser scanner.  HYSWEEP supports operating in line scan mode only and expects the scan task to be appropriately configured as such in the ILRIS controller software.


Setup Form:

The setup form provides several options:




If Optech timestamps are desired, you must insure that the laser is timesynched with HYSWEEP. The typical method is to split the GPS PPS pulse and sync both devices using it.



In addition to any mounting offsets, the ILRIS requires the following offsets to translation from the measurement center to the bolt hole of the device: X = 0, Y = -24.53mm, Z = -191.79mm where:

+X is through the right side, when looking at the back

+Y is through the front, from where the system scans

+Z is straight up through the top


Note that X & Y will need to be swapped and/or inverted relative to the boat depending on if the device is mounted pointing off port or starboard.



Via a TCP/IP network interface to the ILRIS controller software provided by Optech. It can run on the same, or a different, computer as HYPACK. In HYSWEEP Hardware, the IP address is that of the controller's computer; the default port is 2000. Make sure data streaming is turned on with the controller's View->Data Streaming menu option. Leave decimation off unless you have reason otherwise.



Pictured on the right is an example configuration of a continuous vertical line scan in the ILRIS Controller.


Adjusting the spacing option will alter the resolution, but remember: HYSWEEP cannot take more than 1440 points per line. Resolution that is too high will cause the scanner to return fewer lines per second and all the extra points will be thrown away anyway.


For optimum data density, adjust the spacing to return close to the same number of beams set in HYSWEEP Hardware. What you "sacrifice" in resolution you make up for in more pings per second., which could actually give you more points per second.

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