Odom MB1 – Dual Head
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Driver for the Odom dual head MB1.  With 30 degree rotation of each head, the system provides + / - 180 degree coverage with 30 degree overlap at nadir.


Setup Form:

  • Use RTA Interface – Normally checked on.  Receive motion and heading corrections via the Real Time Appliance interface.  With this option, all time tagging is done outside HYPACK and HYSWEEP survey.
  • Log Snippets – Snippets are not supported by the dual head driver.
  • Max Beams Used (Per Head) – Number of beams logged by HYSWEEP survey.  Normally 240 beams per head = 480 beams total.



Network interface using UDP datagrams.  In testing on the Teledyne boat “Bottom Line”, the HYPACK computer IP address was set at

  • Port – Default is 56002.
  • Internet address – or address of the master MB1 top side unit.


Network Test:

  • UDP Connect – Click to view the unparsed network messages.



  • Sonar Heads 1 and 2 – Enter location and patch test offsets.  Latency should be 0.
  • MRU Offsets – MRU offsets should be entered when using the RTA interface.
  • Heading Offset (Yaw) – Enter when using the RTA interface.



Setup in HYPACK Hardware

See Odom MB1 setup.



  • The driver will not collect data unless both heads are pinging.
  • The driver works properly in both MB1 ping modes; Alternate and Simultaneous.
  • Ping rate (each head) should be limited to 20 times per second.  This limitation allows the driver to accommodate Windows networking delays.

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