Odom MB1
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Driver for the Odom MB1 multibeam system.120 degree system.

Setup Form:

  • Use RTA Interface – Normally checked on. Receive motion and heading corrections via the Real Time Appliance interface. With this option, all time tagging is done outside HYPACK and HYSWEEP survey.
  • Log Snippets – Check this box to log raw data to a *.MB1 file. The MB1 file is used for snippet post processing.
  • Max Beams Used (Per Head) – Number of beams logged by HYSWEEP survey. Normally 240, although the MB1 is capable of 512 beams.


Network interface using UDP datagrams. In testing on the Odom boat, the HYPACK computer IP address was set at

  • Port – Default is 56002.
  • Internet address – or address of the MB1 top side unit.

Network Test:

  • UDP Connect – Click to view the unparsed network messages.


  • Sonar Head 1 – Enter location and patch test offsets. Latency should be 0.
  • MRU Offsets – MRU offsets should be entered when using the RTA interface.
  • Heading Offset (Yaw) – Enter when using the RTA interface.

Setup in HYPACK Hardware

When using the RTA interface, setup the GPS.DLL driver as shown.


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