RIEGL V Series laser
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HYSWEEP driver for the Riegl V series laser scanners.  It has been tested with the VZ-400 model.  This driver requires the Riegl rivlib libraries installed. The required DLLs and license manager software is provided by Riegl on their installation disks or via their support website.  3D models are supported in line scan mode only.


Setup Form:

Use the Setup form to configure the scanner's swath size and resolution.  Of course, make sure the settings used are in line with your laser's operating constraints. Also configure how the laser will time sync (see below for more detail).


Mounting and Offsets:

Unlike the LMS series, changing the head rotation in the setup form will not require changing your yaw offset. However, the driver expects the laser's "zero" angle (front of the device) to be mounting pointing off starboard (pointing forward in HYSWEEP 13.0.7 and newer). If this is not the case, then you will need a yaw offset. We recommend mounting the laser in the above manner and simply changing the head rotation in the driver to shoot off the other side, rather than physically changing the mount.



Via a network interface. Set the IP address. The code assumes factory default port numbers of 20001 for data and 20002 for control.



Our driver requires proper timesyncing configuration of the laser. We strongly recommend 'External GPS' mode. To use this, split the GPS serial & PPS signals, sending it to both the laser and HYPACK through a PPS box. In some cases the laser may require the GPS_EXT_SEQUENCE_TIMEOUT setting changed to 1 if the laser fails to sync. This must be done by sending the following commands to the laser using the RiTerm program:





This can be saved to a text file and sent as a script with the RiTerm program. 'Internal GPS' mode will also work, but it is not recommended because the laser and HYPACK will be synched to different GPSs. If you are operating in UTC time, you'll see a 15s latency.


NOTE: the format code for GPZDA has been changed in firmwares which support Applanix POS syncing. HYPACK 2014 follows this convention. To sync a RIEGL with old firmware to GPZDA in HYPACK 2014, you may need to select "APPLANIX_POS" instead of GPZDA in the setup form.


Quality Codes:

The VZ400 provides flags to mark various "echoes" (useful in identifying returns from vegetation, etc.) which are logged as the following quality codes:


1--first echo

2--interior echo

3--last echo

4--single echo

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