RIEGL LMS Series laser
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HYSWEEP driver for the Riegl LMS series laser scanners.  It has been tested with the Q120, Q240, and Z390 models.  This driver requires the Riegl SDK dynamic libraries to be in the HYPACK directory or Windows search path (scannermod.dll and scancnfmod.dll) as well as a software license installed for riscanlib using the Riegl License Manager. The license keys will be explicitly named “riscanlib” or “riscanlib3d” in the Riegl License Manager. The required DLLs and license manager software is provided by Riegl on their installation disks or via their support website.  3D models are supported in line scan mode only.


Setup Form:

Use the Setup form to configure the scanner's swath size and resolution.  The Riegl libraries will change unsupported settings (those exceeding the parameters of the scanner) to the best supported fit.  Of course, make sure the settings used are in line with your laser's operating constraints.  The defaults are optimal for a Q120.


Head Rotation applies to 3D models only.  By default this should be set to the value needed to point the laser off the starboard side of the boat for your mounting.  Any other head rotation will require a corresponding offset correction.  If you are using Riegl's RiSYNC product to output full timestamps from the laser, make sure that option is checked.  If you are not using RiSYNC, you must not use this option or your data will be incorrectly timestamped.  It is off by default.



Via a network interface.  The Internet Address is by default. The code assumes factory default port numbers of 20001 for data and 20002 for control.



HYSWEEP 13.0.6 and earlier:

ñ  The driver currently assumes the laser is mounted pointing off the starboard side.  It can be used pointing port-side if (1) 180 is added to the yaw offset and (2) the pitch and roll corrections are inverted.  This can be done real-time in driver settings, or in post-processing.

HYSWEEP 13.0.7 and newer:

ñ  Yaw, 2D models: +90 for starboard mount. -90 (or +260) for port mount.

ñ  Yaw, 3D models: see Offsets section of the RIEGL V Series notes.



  • The scanner needs a GPS PPS pulse for accurate timestamps.
  • Make sure the GPS and laser are powered on the same ground or laser may not read the pulse.
  • You cannot run the Riegl acquisition software and HYSWEEP at the same time.

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