Klein HydroChart 3500
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The Klein HydroChart 3500 is an interferometric side scan. It provides bathymetry, side scan, heading, pitch, and roll over a network stream. The driver communicates with the towfish through proprietary DLLs from Klein. The raw bathymetry is run through a processor DLL provided by Klein, then through the HYPACK Interferometry processing chain (see Appendix C).



Via a TCP/IP network interface. The towfish IP address should be entered in HYSWEEP HARDWARE. Network port is ignored since the driver uses the Klein DLL for communication.


The latest Klein DLL files for bathy products should be copied into the HYPACK root folder along with the "BathyParms" folder provided by Klein. This folder contains configuration information needed by the Klein DLLs. The complete file listing relative to the HYPACK root folder is as follows:






ippcore-6.0.dll       ippcv-6.0.dll      ippcvp8-6.0.dll      ippcvpx-6.0.dll      ippcvs8-6.0.dll

ippcvt7-6.0.dll       ippcvv8-6.0.dll    ippcvw7-6.0.dll    ppi-6.0.dll     ippip8-6.0.dll

ippipx-6.0.dll         ippis8-6.0.dll       ippit7-6.0.dll     ippiv8-6.0.dll    ippiw7-6.0.dll

ipps-6.0.dll           ippsp8-6.0.dll      ippspx-6.0.dll     ippss8-6.0.dll     ippst7-6.0.dll

ippsv8-6.0.dll       ippsw7-6.0.dll      ippvm-6.0.dll       ippvmp8-6.0.dll     ippvmpx-6.0.dll

ippvms8-6.0.dll     ippvmt7-6.0.dll     ippvmv8-6.0.dll      ippvmw7-6.0.dll