IXSEA Octans Network
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on 09 December 2014 02:04 PM

HYSWEEP driver for the IXSEA Octans motion sensor.  Provides heave, pitch, roll, and heading data.



Network TCP interface, standard Octans message format.


Offsets – MRU (Pitch/Roll):

  • Starboard:  MRU location starboard of boat center.
  • Forward: MRU location forward of boat center.
  • Vertical: MRU location relative to waterline (positive below).
  • Yaw, Pitch, Roll:  MRU rotations relative to forward and vertical.
  • Latency:  Usually 0 for pitch and roll devices.


Offsets – Gyro (Heading)

  • Starboard, Forward, Vertical: Enter 0.
  • Yaw:  Enter offset if any.
  • Pitch, Roll:  Enter 0.
  • Latency:  Usually 0 for heading devices.



The Octans must be configured to output the ZDA message to properly timestamp data.  The driver will throw an error if it doesn't see ZDA after 10 seconds.