Generic Attitude
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on 09 December 2014 01:58 PM

Driver providing pitch, roll and/or heading from serial devices for which there is no HYSWEEP driver.  It can also parse CTD information.  The 'output strings to UDP port' option will broadcast incoming strings to the network port you specify.


Setup Form:

Enter device capabilities, parsing information and output script.





RS232 Serial interface.  Message must be in ASCII.


Offsets – MRU (Pitch/Roll):

  • Starboard:  MRU location starboard of boat center.
  • Forward: MRU location forward of boat center.
  • Vertical: MRU location relative to waterline (positive below).
  • Yaw, Pitch, Roll:  MRU rotations relative to forward and vertical.
  • Latency:  Usually 0 for pitch and roll devices.


Offsets – Gyro (Heading)

  • Starboard, Forward, Vertical: Enter 0.
  • Yaw:  Enter offset if any.
  • Pitch, Roll:  Enter 0.
  • Latency:  Usually 0 for heading devices.



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