FURUNO HS Series Multibeam
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on 09 December 2014 01:57 PM

HYSWEEP driver for the FURUNO HS-300F, HS-600, and HS-600F multibeams.  Provides multibeam soundings, beam intensity values and sidescan imagery.  FURUNO provides a beam quality number between 0--3.



All data is via a network interface (TCP).  Set the Internet Address to the IP of the multibeam.  The default port is 9000.



  • Starboard:  Sonar head locations starboard of boat reference.
  • Forward: Sonar head locations forward of boat reference.
  • Vertical: Sonar head locations relative to waterline (positive).
  • Yaw, Pitch, Roll:  Sonar head rotations - enter values determined by patch testing.
  • Latency:  Enter 0.