Edgetech 4600
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HYSWEEP driver for the Edgetech 4600 interferometer.  Provides multibeam soundings, beam intensity, beam quality, and sidescan imagery. HYSWEEP also reads mru and gyro data from the Edgetech data stream.


There is also a sister driver to read navigation from Edgetech in HYPACK called nav4600.dll. This allows all data from Edgetech to be timetagged by Edgetech.



All data is via a network interface (TCP).  Set the Internet Address to the IP of the multibeam.  Set the port to 1900--the control port. The driver also uses port 1901 for data. The nav4600.dll driver mentioned above should be set to port 1902. Edgetech broadcasts navigation only on this port.



  • Starboard:  Sonar head locations starboard of boat reference.
  • Forward: Sonar head locations forward of boat reference.
  • Vertical: Sonar head locations relative to waterline (positive).
  • Yaw, Pitch, Roll:  Sonar head rotations - enter values determined by patch testing.
  • Latency:  Enter 0.



This is the first driver to use new the Interferometry interface in HYSWEEP. The interface intends to standardize the filtering and downsampling/binning routines used on such data. Modify the processing settings with the Interferometry window from the View menu.