Benthos C3D
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HYSWEEP driver for the C3D Multibeam / Sidescan device.  Provides multibeam soundings, beam intensity values and sidescan.



All data is via a network interface.  Internet address was pre-defined in previous driver version (pre HYPACK 2008).  Now, internet address is configurable.  Typically, it will be, but it could be different if the C3D Control Panel is run on a different computer. Port numbers are hard-coded in the driver so the 'port' field is ignored. However, note that the port number used is different for pole-mounted and towed systems so be sure to set the 'On Towfish' option in Hardware correctly.


Setup Form:

Each ping, the C3D sends thousands of range / angle / amplitude samples to HYSWEEP survey.  These are reduced to a manageable number of beams in HYSWEEP Survey using the filtering and downsampling routines available in the HYSWEEP Interferometry window (See Appendix C).


K8E format files can be logged alongside HSX by checking the “Record Raw Message” option on the Connect tab.

By default the driver will read motion and CTD data coming from the C3D via separate UDP messages.  However, if motion data should be read from the ping header, check the appropriate option in the set up form.  If the C3D is pole-mounted, the Generic Attitude parser should be used to handle the CTD data coming into HYPACK via a serial connection.  The C3D expects this CTD data to be relayed back via UDP port 4020 by the Generic Attitude parser (see the Generic Attitude parser section for more information).


Offsets – Sonar Heads 1 and 2:

  • Starboard:  Sonar head locations starboard of boat center.
  • Forward: Sonar head locations forward of boat center.
  • Vertical: Sonar head locations relative to waterline (positive).
  • Yaw, Pitch, Roll:  Sonar head rotations - enter values determined by patch testing.
  • Latency:  Enter 0.





At some point in 2008, Benthos changed how the C3D reports timing information.  C3D users should make sure their sonar is up to date with Benthos and use HYSWEEP.exe/swpware.exe version 9.0.9 or later to be sure pings are timetagged properly.

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