Atlas Fansweep, Hydrosweep MD2, MD/30, MD/50, DS (HYPACK 2010 and Later)
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HYSWEEP driver for Atlas multibeam systems.  Provides roll and possibly pitch corrected soundings, beam intensity values, port and starboard sidescan images and HPR and heading data.


The Fansweep and Hydrosweep MD2 are roll corrected.  The Hydrosweep MD/30, MD/50 and DS are roll and pitch corrected.



Setup Form:

Use Heading From Sonar System:  User can select whether or not to use heading from the multibeam system.




HYSWEEP does not have a direct serial or network connection to the multibeam system.  Instead, the connection is via software provided by Atlas.


  2. UDPInboundServer (Windows Service).


Atlas install files are available from Rolf Alfke (



Offsets - Heading:

  • Yaw: Enter the heading correction, or zero if no correction.


Offsets - MRU:

  • Starboard:  MRU location starboard of boat center.
  • Forward: MRU location forward of boat center.
  • Vertical: MRU location relative to waterline (positive below).
  • Yaw: Enter 0.
  • Pitch, Roll:  Enter 0 (MRU pitch/roll offsets are typically zeroed within the MRU itself).
  • Latency:  Enter 0.


Offsets – Sonar Heads 1 and 2:

  • Starboard:  Sonar head locations starboard of boat center.
  • Forward: Sonar head locations forward of boat center.
  • Vertical: Sonar head locations relative to waterline (positive below).
  • Yaw – Enter value determined by patch testing.
  • Pitch – Enter value determined by patch testing unless already entered in Atlas Hydromap.
  • Roll – Enter zero in HYSWEEP.  Roll correction is always entered in Atlas Hydromap.
  • Latency:  Enter 0.



  • Make sure not to enter yaw, pitch and roll offsets in both HYSWEEP and Hydromap.  One or the other.
  • Do not worry about double correcting for roll and pitch.  That’s taken care of.
  • Quality Codes:  Atlas codes sounding quality 0 = best to 5 = worst.  HYSWEEP requires it the other way around.  Here is the conversion.


Atlas Code     HYSWEEP Code      Sounding Quality

0                    5                 EXCELLENT

1                    4                 VERY_CREDIBLE

2                    3                 CREDIBLE

3                    2                 LESS_CREDIBLE

4                    1                 NOT_CREDIBLE

5                    0                 UNUSABLE

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