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on 09 December 2014 01:24 PM

HYSWEEP driver for POS MV heave, pitch, roll and heading data using the network interface.  Also supports POS LV with alternate settings (below).

Setup Form:

Use group 102 in normal operation for heave, pitch, roll and heading.  Use group 1 in the specific case of POS LV, which does not provide heave measurements.


Network interface using the following settings in HYSWEEP hardware:  Port = 5602, IP Address =

Offsets - MRU:

  • Starboard:  POS MV IMU location starboard of boat reference.
  • Forward: POS MV IMU location forward of boat reference.
  • Vertical: POS MV IMU location relative to waterline (positive below).
  • Yaw: Enter 0.
  • Pitch, Roll:  Enter 0 (pitch/roll offsets are typically zeroed within the POS MV itself).
  • Latency:  Enter 0.


Offsets - Gyro:

  • Enter 0 for all offsets and latency.


Setup in POS MV:

Using the Logging menu of the POSView program, select output groups 3, 7 and 102 at 25 Hz.  The data rate is high enough for motion compensation while not so high as to lead to huge data files.

If using POS MV version 4, select output group 20 for GPS status information.

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