Data Not Opening or Missing Some Data
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on 27 June 2014 10:52 AM

Lately we have seen a number of users having issues opening their data in Singlebeam Editor.  The raw data displays in the HYPACK Shell but when processing in the editor the data is not opening or only a portion of the file is displayed.  

REASON:  Some binary information is coming across via the message string.  If you open the raw file in a text viewer you will see bad information in the message string.  

FIX:  Use the HYPACK Utility to strip this binary information from the file(s).  To avoid writing this bad information to the file in the future, uncheck the 'Record raw messages' and 'Record device specific messages' for the GPS device in HYPACK Hardware.

The HYPACK Utility used to strip the binary information is called StripBinary.exe.  If you have HYPACK 2014 you can find this utility in C:\HYPACK 2014\Support\Utilities folder.  Copy this exe and place it in the C:\HYPACK 2014 folder.  Double click the file to open it. Click the '....' to browse to the location of your data and select a single raw file or a log file.  Then click 'Process'.   This will strip all binary characters from the .raw file(s) and you will now have two files (.RAW and .BAK). The .BAK is the original file and the .RAW is the new file.  Go back into SB Editor and open and process the .RAW as usual.