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HYPACK Sidescan Updates - Marine Search
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 07 September 2018 12:27 PM

Working with the New Haven Fire Department in their marine search capabilities has led to some excellent updates to the sidescan function of HYPACK. The screen capture below shows the middle jetty in New Haven Harbor, surveyed with the Klein 3500 sidescan during training exercises. The mosaic was compiled and overlaid on the S-57 chart. This particular survey was conducted in CT State Plane, however, the Marine Search software will soon support the US National Grid used by FEMA.

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Training for Chittagong Port Authority Completed
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 26 October 2017 10:52 AM

Training was completed recently for the Chittagong Port Authority in HYPACK 2017 over several areas of the software. Ivan Izaak, from the Technical Support Team, spent several days working with the personnel from the Chittagong Port Authority.

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HYPACK 2018 Training Event
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 05 October 2017 05:08 PM


        We just held the first meeting for the HYPACK 2018 Training Event in Savannah. This year we will be having a golf tournament to kick off the event and I was told in the meeting that there will be boat demonstrations. We will be bringing the NEXUS-800 to fly it nearby, pending a site is close enough. With the planning beginning for the training event, we are closing in on the update to HYPACK for 2018. All of the information for the Training Event is below, we hope to see you there.


You are invited to attend our 25th HYPACK® Hydrographic Training Event. The HYPACK® 2018 Training Event will be held January 16–19, 2019 at the The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa in Savannah, GA.

The 3-day training will cover all the aspects of single beam and multibeam hydrographic surveying and dredge management using our HYPACK, HYSWEEP and DREDGEPACK packages. Pre-Registration is held on Tuesday January 16th from 6-8pm.


30 exhibitors from the industry’s leading software/hardware manufacturers, equipment resellers and service providers will be on hand in the exhibit hall or performing on-the-water demonstrations. There is no additional charge to attend the exhibits.

To see the organizations who are currently signed up to exhibit at HYPACK 2018, please visit the Exhibits link.

Exhibits Hours

Day Times
Wednesday, January 17th 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Thursday, January 18th 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday, January 19th 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

For more detailed HYPACK 2018 schedule information, please visit the Schedule link.

Hotel Information

The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa

The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa
1 Resort Dr.
Savannah, GA 31421
United States

To make hotel reservations please visit Westin's HYPACK 2018 Event page, or call 1-912-201-2000 and ask for the HYPACK 2018 User Training rate. ($115/night + applicable taxes and fees). The rate is based on the prevailing government per diem. The cut-off date for the room rate is 12/29/2017.

Hotel Reservation Alert

The only method for reserving the conference rate is by calling the Westin’s reservation line, or online using the hotel’s event website listed above. Neither HYPACK nor the Westin will contact you to make a reservation. Any company claiming to be affiliated with us or the Westin is fraudulent, please do not do business with them. This has been a common scam going around to various conferences lately and can result in identity theft.

Transportation Information/Links

The Humper Classic Golf Tournament

For those who can get to Savannah a day early, the Humper Classic Golf Tournament is back! Named for Humper the Whale, our loyal mascot, the Humper Classic will be played on Tuesday, January 16th. The tournament will be held at The Club at Savannah Harbor.

For more information about the Humper Classic, please click here or follow the Golf link.

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Release of HYPACK 2017a Mid Year Update
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 07 August 2017 04:11 PM

We are very pleased to announce the release of our latest HYPACK software, HYPACK® 2017a. HYPACK® 2017a represents several improvements to our previous version and includes many powerful enhancements and cutting edge tools. Many of the changes in HYPACK come from customer’s requests or suggestions so we appreciate all your feedback throughout the year.

Who can use HYPACK® 2017a? If you are current on your Maintenance Plan subscription, you can download and run HYPACK® 2017a. The new version is about 1 GByte, so please ensure the entire file is downloaded prior to installing the software. To check your Maintenance Plan status or to renew it, please email us at

To download the update: HYPACK 2017a Mid Year Update

This update includes the updated Sub-Bottom program. The image below shows the interpretation of three distinct geological units. Note the annotation tool which shows the depth to the sea bed and the thickness (isopach) of each geological unit.

The NEXUS 800

Work continues on the NEXUS-800 LiDAR equipped UAV.  The image below is a CLOUD display of data alongside a video provided from AI Engineers, Inc. The flight was 12 minutes in length and covered 5.5 acres at 3 meters per second. In the video still image you can see the NEXUS in flight over the parking lot. Recent testing shows that the NEXUS can meet Quality Level 1 (QL1) of the USGS LiDAR Base Specification Version 1.2, dated November 2014. For more information on the NEXUS 800 specifications please review the product specification sheet.

The Data Set contained 4 million XYZ points.

The SINGLE BEAM EDITOR ( 64 bit ) was updated as well to support the SONTEK Hydro Surveyor. This update allows the user to see current vectors and export the vectors as an image or as a DXF output. Another added feature was the ability to save the velocities out to an XYZ file with the velocity as the depth allowing you to bring it into the TIN MODEL program to create contours.

If you have any questions or problems downloading the software please contact the Technical Support team at Help@HYPACK.Com or by phone at (860) 635 - 1500.


The HYPACK Team.

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What's been happening at HYPACK.
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 13 July 2017 09:28 AM

HYPACK 2017a to be released

Next week we expect to post the HYPACK 2017a update for download. The HYPACK 2017a update will encompass all of the files updated prior to July 14th. The HYPACK 2017a update contains several minor updates but also includes many updates to the SINGLE BEAM EDITOR (64 Bit). The Sub-Bottom updates shown below are also included. To utilize the updates the license file must have a Maintenance Plan date later than July 14th, 2017.

Unmanned Mapping of Ultra-shallow Waters Article

There is a nice article regarding the Unmanned Surveying in Shallow Water on the HYDRO INTERNATIONAL website. The survey was conducted using an area that traditional survey methods would not work. The vessel was an Inception Class USV Mark I with a CEE Hydrosystems CEE-SCOPE sonar and RTK system and all data was collected using the HYPACK oftware. The survey was supported by Swathe Services. The entire article is available here:  Unmanned Mapping of Ultra-shallow Waters

SyQwest & Xylem Work Together to Integrate Sensors and Hypack

SyQwest Inc., renowned manufacturer of portable FM Chirp Sub Bottom profilers, collaborate in an effort to integrate its product line with Xylem Inc new post processing software,  Hypack Sub Bottom.

SyQwest Inc. to now offer turn key bundles, for Portable FM Chirp Sub Bottom survey deployment  bundles to include:  

Stratabox 10Khz Stratabox 3510 Bathy 2010 PC 

Acquisition software 

Hypack Sub Bottom (Post Processing)

DGPS A 102 (HEM.)

Getac S400 Tough book PC    

Contact SyQwest  today for package pricing, and get the 2nd years warranty, FREE! As well as Getac S400 tough book PC free with purchase and payment made by August 15!  

Check out  the select images below showing these new capabilities.

Brand New Graphical User Interface Layout

 Sub-bottom profile showing the interpretation of three distinct geological units. Note the annotation tool which shows the depth to the sea bed and the thickness (isopach) of each geological unit.

Colored isopach polygons being applied between various digitized reflectors representing different geological units.

3D Fence Diagram of two intersecting sub-bottom profiling lines.

3D Fence Diagram of three parallel sub-bottom profiling lines showing superimposed interpretation and scale bars.

The end result is ease of use to post process survey data for SyQwest customers.

Hypack Sub Bottom is capable of being integrated, and compatible with the following SyQwest Systems:

StrataBox HD StrataBox 3.5/10 HD Bathy-2010PC  

Contact the SyQwest Inc. or HYPACK Sales staff today, for a competitively priced package.

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