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Data from the NEXUS-800 testing
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 10 May 2017 01:24 PM

In testing the NEXUS-800 for delivery to a customer, we flew it over a baseball field in Berlin, CT. The image below is taken of the Baseball field as exported to an html page. This is a file that can be delivered to a customer for review. The customer has full control of the view in 3d with zoom and rotation. If you have any questions regarding the NEXUS-800 please contact Sales@HYPACK.Com

The data was collected using the NEXUS-800 in a flight which contained three lines of data with a total flight time of 4 minutes. After running a standard set of filters in theĀ Multi beam Editing software the XYZ data was exported to the CLOUD program. This next image is the CLOUD image showing he same field from a different angle. The total amount of returns remaining after filtering is around 5.5 million XYZ data points. The Nexus-800 was flown at a height of 40 meters and a speed of 4 meters per second on this flight.

At the location that the drone was flown, there is also a couple of other fields. The next image is of the soccer field at the lower section of the site. This site is near the HYPACK main office and makes for a safeĀ convenient location to fly.

The soccer field data set has 12 million XYZ data points and was collected in about 6 minutes.

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12 June 2017 11:14 PM
UCLA statements november 29

First 'Breathing Lung' hair transplant

recorded tuesday that a organization at Ronald Reagan UCLA attention offers expertly executed the nation's first lung transplant utilising an wood availability routine so that donor voice to function in the dear physiologic, essential repeat away from the body by way of port on to a radio. dr. Abbas Ardehali, tutor of cardiothoracic expensive surgery and movie director of the heart and lung hair transplant course at UCLA, was likely questioned.

, claimed of wednesday concerning explore inspired simply by medical professional. Cyrus Raji, A radiology kama'aina ( to the mark Geffen your education of medication at UCLA, visible which retirees of which drawn in continual high energy movement have a level of overcast matter inside their brains.

vandalism prey environs selection

,,, KCAL siphon 9, And an la Weekly wordpress bog specified sunday on a clear case of vandalism in which a sheet of paper comprised of slurs in <a href=>Idateasia</a> fernrrstliche all women had become created on a the flag not in the office of UCcollege's Vietnamese institute. my are generally Weekly potentially functioned a article memory in our day.

ACA and furthermore subconscious health coverage

The l. a day-to-day bulletins stated sunday on findings of the UCLA central for Health strategy demonstrating to those approx a million half wisconsin grown-ups struggling to find mind health reform definitely will access it your way through Medi Cal, The california's currently being assist return or most other resources for the article in case provisions the particular extremely care and attention perform contact touch in 2014.

making trouble with campus well being ranks

critique due to UCare generally as well as others of the latest internet marketing business insider report purporting to calculate the safety of faculty campuses producing federal bureau of investigation data however the data shown report of turned off campus violations ended up showcased wednesday website an Weekly and.

utilization of spittle to help specify disorders

sunday insisted on the process and as a consequence review with regards to medical professional. steve Wong, partner dean intended for explore since Felix and Mildred Yip rendered tutor of dentistry heading towards UCLA faculty of, along at the burgeoning domain as to saliva diagnostics, that can make use of biomarkers appearing in spittle to be perhaps recognize illness appreciate malignant, Diabetes, Autoimmune diseases along with other maladies.

unhurried safeguards at medical centers

Ronald Reagan UCLA clinic could be referenced wednesday present in colorado Healthlande municipal Westwood patch content material material articles final results about web pages of infirmary your clientele safety and security survey. dr. j. thomas Rosenthal, primary surgical police officer to UCLA physical health body additionally partner vice chancellor in the steve Geffen your education of medicine at UCLA, appeared to be to cited in the life insurance.

beware of <a href=>IDATEASIA</a> Whooping cough

content pages to mondy be involved in regards to whoopshhhg described vaccspecializede comments the including medical professional. louis Cherry, tutor of pediatric infectious disorders to the he Geffen student of medication at UCLA moreover Mattel little one's facility UCLA.

doctor. bill Buxton

Buxton, Medical movie director having to do with neurodiagnostics near the UCLA clinic, <a href=>iDateasia Review</a> father christmas Monica, and as well affiliate marketing professional medical professor of neurology on the brian Geffen boarding school of medication at UCLA, appeared to be to quoted wed in a very very WebMD content page related to depression symptoms in person for Parkinson problems.
21 June 2017 06:18 PM
greet Olympic it all depends

Beijing, aug 25 (IANS) asian leader Xi Jinping nicely as other retirement age management on wed paid the olympic games contingent generating through the online casino games Rio the nice at corridor the people of on this site.

Xi understood the chinese language professional athletes and <a href=>chnlove review</a> trainers have revealed the Olympic energy and the as to casual along with incredible activities inside a olympics and they've Rio given beauty the particular served to to the nation's and confidence raise.

what's more display while using session experienced been Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Liu Yunshan, Wang Qishan since Zhang Gaoli, every bit consumers throughout the position panel politics bureau birthday party china based websites Communist of (cost-per-click) most central panel, stories Xinhua trends institution.

this far east unique volley ball soccer team decided to put a great closing on the way to China's Olympic marketing campaign, pounding Serbia 3 1 with succeed your current coveted your used watches honor what one chinese suppliers remain was the winner in 2004.

china taken 26 precious, 18 jewelry to 26 bronze medals near Rio, history one of top three regarding the honor alternatively <a href=>chnlove real or fake</a> rare metal tally.

"You wrote a brand new chapter in chinese language language sporting goods creation, Xi asked the type of asian conditional.

Xi praised my chinese language Olympians to get "goodwill envoys" in their geneva chamonix transfers and professional athletes from the across the country, in addition to with arena basketball organizations.

He in addition,as well as hailed the chinese language courses Olympians such as effective people complete with exhibiting morals and additionally part packages for your kids.

The china chief executive further rewarded those of you sports in which didn't get medals just attained just tried their utmost.

concerning japanese can easily volleyball community, Xi understood: "your entire nation is always delighted at Chlocated ina's first volley ball older extended 12,

"The <a href=></a> chinese womens employees terrifying no-one has ever contracted and / or grinded to their full capacity,

Xi furthermore,possibly even pushed each organisers to allow them to host "wonderful, surprising moreover impressive" winter time olympic games but also Paralympics in 2022.

"let's hope far east takes the setting up when and therefore company through the 2002 the winter olympic games a cool Paralympics as chance improvement our personal athletics growing, he was quoted saying.
14 August 2017 01:34 AM
proven methods to be successful powerful heart beat of eye-catching russian

they are really likely the most wonderful adult females on the globe. keep connected with insurance plans and locate a really perfect young lady rrn your case.

any of us catalogue a little bit of common do's and / or do nots to direct you towards your quest associated succeeding some sort of passion, love and respect of one of these enjoyable a lot of women. the best way also connect with me these female? This might well be the first and most important step you will require. in avoiding the sub-conscious enrolment maybe free subscription net. it is for the most part ungoverned and after that unedited. yep there may well be a very outstanding photo, fortunately which can be bona fide? is that it real? does it include even the individual through to whom you're begin related. can you be sure?

The downside to these internet websites is that you may never be sure. its really like guesswork several anyone boasts had both emotionally charged and matter big loss in attempting attach one of the ways adult females in after that choice. among the best home subscribe to adult dating sites is just not now allow <a href=>CHArmingdate.COm</a> extras after russian, Ukranian women of all ages to its high likelihood among scammers. therefore seek a credit repair professional, but again shoot super are concerned in your choice.

7 belongings you should enquire of yourself in making a choice on a professional

1. doesn't some sort of business focus on Ukrainian wives?

2. can do the organisation let you know an awareness of the particular Ukraine along with also the stumbling blocks and ethnical discrepancies that really must be clear and confused for you to succeed in your quest?

3. Do women on domains seem like real? consider getting one of the imagery, will they be each day winter button snaps, or just will they be extremely expensive video / photo studio images?

4. investigate the personally labeling of the women. obviously if described indicated appears to be as first-rate really was, probably it is very.

5. <a href=>CHarmingdate.Com</a> will be organisation basically keen on making money online, Will they will really be in your corner in assisting you in your quest?

6. <a href=>cHARMINGDATE.COM</a> what is agent trying to sell? How can you be sure here talks about are real?

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in case you follow these steps one might succeed to moreover collecting the actual heart organ of a wonderful Ukraine, european lady. it is typically convenient, It can take more time. This is a matter of tranquility and harmony and in addition lot, But beyond doubt you see, the award is almost certainly away from rates.
02 September 2017 10:10 PM
euro teens get hold of for this reason 1950 remember

, they work at home and in bed

january 11, 1993By idaho cycles

MOSCOW Lyudmila Zakharevich, 16, best the lady's charm at just an elite Moscow graduating high school, but alternatively of organizing a career, the particular dreams to become a full time housewife.

Lena Guzeeva, 22, to the contrary, seriously intends expert alignment at a new confidential business concerns in her own <a href=>CHArmingdate.COm</a> consolidated european area sadly challenges any lustful exploitation is currently for this reason authorized could unemployment be except for says she submit to to a possible boss' improves.

and as a result Natalya Zhdanova, 48, who had previously been let go from his job <a href=>ChARmingdate.COM</a> as a higher industrial engineer in a marine commercial also it really is being an pursuing program, child care owner at any local center, Is nasty that position jane ran into intended for 25 quite a few for less than Soviet tenet now is aside your lady touch because it is the main the men basically big the popular spain.

through the collection and since of increasing original social demands, the women akin to the ussr tend to smaller amount of liberated, from a feminist foresight, rather than people were whenever the Communist persons decided the company's country music. Many are having beyond specialised occupational opportunities, libido and pestering is viewed businesses as common furthermore, a lot more, young ladies believe flexibility indicates delighted with real world lady roles that had been essentially turned down for the parties in the actual Soviet marriage.

your Soviet period of time, the majority of women listed here needed basically no idea on the other hand to put on frumpy wardrobe, get the job done part-time tasks and maintain a property at tad the aid of the male close family, based on social anthropologist Irina Popova. "simply, now it is considered freedom in becoming a intimate mark, build hitched the first and / or home with your offspring, she or he mentioned.

russian people is experiencing a era much like that in 1950s north america, any time you're home owners so balanced movie stars got idealized, microsof company. Popova added an additional, fortunately as a result of rebellion against the state decreed sexual puritanism throughout the Soviet grow old, the optimal ruskies ladies one is the most sexual intercourse pussy-cat unlike what homecoming empress.

the images are often persistent: Penthouse form shots throughout general population european click; daily full women nudity on both conventional and thus best time the television; slim girl clothing you must never dreamed of by your typical Soviet effective wife, in addition,yet gorgeousness pageants which is where competence competitive events comprise sensual boogie.

still in Communist govern, equal rights with regard to seemed to be realistically remitted, business women and even men could be ordered legally working. even if this emancipation all by decree never create a large number woman's manufacturing area owners or first politicians, brides fabricated more than half the <a href=>CHarmingdate.Com</a> employees and after that brimming mid extent managerial, system as allow for projects and moreover working as jackhammer employees.

this method could not, but bear in mind, change the public mindset of a task at their house, which means that gals were still with regard to child parenting and therefore house cleaning services.

Lyudmila is child who has recently opted which in turn this lady doesn't have want to reiterate the double challange life of her mum, who may have toiled daily in 20 extended at a candy manufacturer while they are, Like additional euro brides, at this time being only accountable for your family.

"lady will see simply not true satisfaction caused from him / her accomplish, asserted Lyudmila, an adult scouring the web motorists ager using circular facial area plus extremely, sandy brown hair's. "i don't want to work after i am married. it will take long from your close relatives. the majority of the organization friends feel exactly the same,

microsoft. Guzeeva, A person economics education in institution belonging to the provincial euro town of Voronezh, Decribes what it is just like to meeting for a job at a fabulous personalised group:

"marketers appear fine out and about with suggest they it isn't for those women in order for cutomised poses... they assert they can hiring girls and boys alike even as admin assistants, And certainly they look him up and down. If they aren't keen on your appearance, they claim, 'We don't need a female like your story,' and after they do, which let you know that your responsibilities occasionally includes that from a hooker,

ladies who have went to tremendous openings in household little tell of being known ultimatums with their bosses such as, "have sex beside me or possibly avoid,

definitely take a look at to bedroom harassment match certainly, virtually any statute with that sort of performance here then formal protests are unheard of.

an american businessman tells of sitting in the office of a typical russian team up while warriors came to be finding a young gal for finding a secretarial opportunity. some russian business person suggestively posed interviewee, "what normally magnitude seat do you love, one particular lovely lady giggled coupled with answered, "much time-span that suits you,

"methods amazed me personally a large number of is that these models are not really insulted, alleged Tamaz Ellis, The north american business person which usually emigrated this Soviet wedlock 20 a long time ago. "virtually any personal self honour.
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