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Data from the NEXUS-800 testing
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 10 May 2017 01:24 PM

In testing the NEXUS-800 for delivery to a customer, we flew it over a baseball field in Berlin, CT. The image below is taken of the Baseball field as exported to an html page. This is a file that can be delivered to a customer for review. The customer has full control of the view in 3d with zoom and rotation. If you have any questions regarding the NEXUS-800 please contact Sales@HYPACK.Com

The data was collected using the NEXUS-800 in a flight which contained three lines of data with a total flight time of 4 minutes. After running a standard set of filters in the Multi beam Editing software the XYZ data was exported to the CLOUD program. This next image is the CLOUD image showing he same field from a different angle. The total amount of returns remaining after filtering is around 5.5 million XYZ data points. The Nexus-800 was flown at a height of 40 meters and a speed of 4 meters per second on this flight.

At the location that the drone was flown, there is also a couple of other fields. The next image is of the soccer field at the lower section of the site. This site is near the HYPACK main office and makes for a safe convenient location to fly.

The soccer field data set has 12 million XYZ data points and was collected in about 6 minutes.

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HYPACK 2017 Excavator Driver
Posted by Christian Shaw on 07 April 2017 11:55 AM

HYPACK 2017 Excavator.dll Device Driver

HYPACK has done extensive field testing with the HYPACK 2017 Excavator.dll driver.

The driver now offers full functionality for a 2 stick excavator and the ability to accommodate bucket widths of different dimensions.The driver also adds the ability to to have any SEI address for Boom, Stick and Bucket.  

The download for this driver can be found at the following link. To install place in the HYPACK/Devices Folder.

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HYPACK - Working with the Nexus-800
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 30 March 2017 12:40 PM

In the month of March the HYPACK Technical Support Team reached a few milestones related to the Nexus-800. The first is that we now have a staff member that has passed the Part 107 exam for flying Small Unmanned Aircraft. Christian Shaw has his FAA certification and has spent the past week working with a customer flying the Nexus-800 in various survey conditions to better understand from a support point of view the questions that will arise. Christian has worked with the customer to develop a work flow for computing volumes that will make the process easy to follow for the end user.



During the time with the customer several sites were surveyed.

A typical survey required around 20 minutes after arrival to set up the system and conduct all of the preflight checks, 10 minutes of flight time, 20 minutes of tear down and pack up. That made for about an hour onsite to collect the data. When processing all that was required was to load the data into the Editor and run filters once. To get to the final stage of looking at the client view in the Web browser took total of 1 hour of office time. The Nexus-800 recorded 1.9 million XYZ points in 10 minutes on a single channel in an area that is 1,514,748 square feet or about 34.5 acres. On a different site data was recorded on all 16 channels where 9.4 million XYZ data points in an 8 minute flight. The typical project for a 30 acre site records about 1 GByte of raw data for a 12 minute flight using all of the available channels.

The site below is a test site that was flown over a park. The flight lasted 8 minutes and recorded 13 million XYZ points.

If you have any questions about the Nexus-800 or using a drone with HYPACK please send us an email to our Sales Team at Sales@HYPACK.Com or if it is technical in nature to Help@HYPACK.Com

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Winter Storm Stella affecting the Northeast
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 13 March 2017 01:46 PM


    As the latest round of winter weather approaches we wanted to ensure everyone that the HYPACK Technical Support Team will be available. A powerful nor'easter called Winter Storm Stella is forming near the coast as two low pressure systems collide, burying a wide area from the central Appalachians to New England under up to 18 inches (46 centimeters) of snow. The HYPACK office is located in Connecticut, we are expecting about 12" to 18" of snow.Fortunately, the Support Team is dispersed and can work remotely. If during the next wo days you require assistance, please call the main number and ask for someone in Support.

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HYPACK Office is closed in observance of Presidents Day.
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 20 February 2017 10:01 AM

The HYPACK office is closed today in observance of President's Day, February 20th. The main office will reopen on February 21st. 

To reach the On Call Technical Support representative call (860) 975-4005. 


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