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Lidar data collected on an unmanned drone in HYPACK. With Images
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 10 February 2017 12:30 PM


    Sorry if you recevied this email without the images. The images are added to this email.

 If you have been reading the newsletters recently you will know that HYPACK has been working on a drone lidar product, the Nexus 800. Recently Vitad Pradith has conducted a training survey in Florida. The survey was conducted to collect data in the field. The image below is XYZ data in the Cloud program within HYPACK colored by elevation.

The latest feature added to the Cloud program the ability to color the XYZ data points using a Geo-Referenced TIF image. In the image below the same data  is displayed from the same angle. The only difference is the XYZ data color is from the RGB values of the Geo-Referenced TIF image.

To better show the power of coloring the XYZ data in this fashion is the next image. The same data rotated below. Using the Cloud sostware the user can measure any feature.

The last image is the Lidar data in the 3D Mesh program in HYPACK 2017.

As the drone project moves ahead we will send out more news. If you have any questions in regards to the drone project please contact Sales@HYPACK.Com or Help@HYPACK.Com.

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HYPACK remains open through the storm
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 09 February 2017 09:38 AM


     With the current winter storm passing through New England, we wanted to ensure you, our customers that we remain open for business even though we are not driving into the office. There have been 30 accidents in CT already this morning. To provide you the level of support that you have come to expect, all HYPACK personnel are working remotely. If you hear a different voice when you call the office, Christian and Joe are manning the phones to pass the calls around.