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Thanksgiving Holiday at HYPACK
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 23 November 2016 02:39 PM


        We are excited whenever Thanksgiving is here. It is a perfect time to thank everyone, including you, our customers! We would like to thank you for believing in our products and services. Allow us to express our gratitude for having you as one of our loyal customers. The past year has really been good, and we look forward to assisting you in the coming year.

       The HYPACK Offices will be closed November 24th and November 25th, however there will be a technician on call for support. To reach the on call support technician please call the main office at (860) 635-1500 and press 9 when prompted. If the on call technician does not answer please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

We hope you’ll have a fruitful Thanksgiving celebration this year.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving!

The HYPACK Support Team

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WINDOWS 10 Anniversary Update and HYPACK
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 12 August 2016 02:27 PM

Recently Microsoft rolled out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. When an update is installed it not only adds features to the operating system but occasionally it also removes files that Microsoft has deemed no longer required. This is the case with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. There is a file that Microsoft removed with the update that is required by the HYPACK SURVEY program to function properly.  

The way to fix this issue is to download a single file and place it in the HYPACK directory. This additional file will not affect the update to your windows 10, and all functions for that update will work as intended. The file can be found on the HYPACK Support Website by clicking on link here WINDOWS 10 Anniversary fix for HYPACK.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact HYPACK Technical Support at (860) 635-1500 or via email at Help@HYPACK.Com 

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Update to the Sound Velocity program.
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 19 July 2016 01:27 PM

     There was a discrepancy discovered in the Sound Velocity program for importing the CTD files from the CASTAWAY. This error was in the implementation of the velocity calculation. In some circumstances the error was a small amount but in others the error caused large errors in velocity. In the case that the error was large, the velocity error would cause obvious issues with the depth of the survey.

     Testing was completed to make sure that the  issue has been resolved. The program was updated to allow the user the ability to choose between the UNESCO formula and the Mackenzie formula. The result of the testing is displayed below.

    To download the update please visit our website at and navigate to the HYPACK 2016 download area. The program is listed under the Specific Programs area and is listed as the Sound Velocity program. All programs that import CTD files directly will have the update applied.


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June Supplemental Update now available for HYPACK 2016
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 05 July 2016 11:47 AM

The June Supplemental Installation for HYPACK 2016 is now available for download. The download is a ZIP file that contains all of the program and driver changes that have been made to the HYPACK 2016 version. 

It is important to understand that these updates require a license for the software with an expiration on or after July 1st, 2016. If your maintenance plan expired before this date, DO NOT install these updates. To check the maintenance plan expiration of the key you are using, run the license manager from the WINDOWS menu or in the HYPACK software under the SETTINGS->License Manager menu item. 

To install these updates, please download the ZIP file and extract the contents to the HYPACK 2016 folder. Allow WINDOWS to overwrite the files. Your project files will not be affected. If there are any issues with this update, please contact for assistance. 

Follow this link to the Supplemental Updates

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HYPACK Support News Update
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 05 July 2016 11:37 AM


      Every week software modifications and improvements are available on our customer support website and with this newsletter we intend to inform the users of changes that have been posted periodically. If you wish to not receive the newsletter please let us know and we will remove your email from the subscribers list.

    The list below is not all inclusive, there are many more updates available at  The monthly Supplemental Update is available at June Supplemental.

If there is anything that HYPACK Support can do for you, please let us know.



The HYPACK Support Team


Program / Device Interface  Version  Description
EXPORT 16.1.5

 Now HS2 tracks can be exported but no soundings, as CAD cannot handle the amount of soundings in HS2/HS2x files. 

CLOUD 16.1.6

 Fix a Geotiff error exporting a bad file.

TIN MODEL 16.3.6

 Fixed opengl drawing issue in 2D Sections.

NOAAWeather  Driver 16.1.0

 Created a driver for showing current conditions based on locations using NOAA Weather info.

Sonarmite Driver 16.1.2

 Added The ability to read the DFX format.

Sontek M-9 Driver 16.1.6

 Fixed matrix update. You have to use the check box in the driver Setup Dialog, not the one in hardware. 

AIS Driver 16.1.8

 Fixed an error that was causing foreign language characters in the pop up dialog of the driver.

NMEAOUTPUT Driver 16.1.2

 Made internal changes to the code to improve performance when sending multiple messages.  



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