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May Supplemental Installation available
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 09 June 2016 09:47 AM

The May Supplemental Installation for HYPACK 2016 is now available for download. The download is a ZIP file that contains all of the program and driver changes that have been made to the HYPACK 2016 version. 

It is important to understand that these updates require a license for the software with an expiration on or after June 1st, 2016. If your maintenance plan expired before this date, DO NOT install these updates. To check the maintenance plan expiration of the key you are using, run the license manager from the WINDOWS menu or in the HYPACK software under the SETTINGS->License Manager menu item. 

To install these updates, please download the ZIP file and extract the contents to the HYPACK 2016 folder. Allow WINDOWS to overwrite the files. Your project files will not be affected. If there are any issues with this update, please contact for assistance. 

Follow this link to the Supplemental Updates


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Memorial Day - May 30, 2016
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 27 May 2016 03:10 PM

The HYPACK office will be closed on Monday the 30th of May in observance of Memorial Day. The office will reopen on Tuesday the 31st of May.

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HYPACK Support News
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 23 May 2016 06:16 PM


     As part of the continuing effort at HYPACK to improve the information available to the HYPACK users world wide the support department is starting a newsletter. Every week software modifications and improvements are available on our customer support website and with this newsletter we intend to inform the users of changes that have been posted periodically. If you wish to not receive the newsletter please let us know and we will remove your email from the subscribers list.

    This newsletter is only going to inform you of the updates, if you wish to download them, please visit and navigate to the DOWNLOADS section. Currently there are over 40 updates posted for the HYPACK 2016 release.  

    The list below is not all inclusive, there are many more updates available at

If there is anything that HYPACK Support can do for you, please let us know.



The HYPACK Support Team



Program / Device Interface  Version  Description
 ADCP Profiler  16.1.2

- Added ADP Profile velocities to instrument relative

- Add Bottom track to YDFF

- Verify the ADCP Velocity calculations with Hydro Surveyor 

HYPLOT  16.1.8  

- Issue with the Node items listed under Data Files.

- Issue with a DWG file that was failing to print. This was a bad DWG file, however a memory allocation error was resolved while investigating this file.  

HYPLOT - Multi  16.1.5

- Added a new option in the Control Panel to save defaults for each plot sheet.

HYSCAN  16.1.2

- Removing files from a section created an error in the list.

- Open dialog now shows if files have been previously saved.

HYSWEEP  16.1.15

- Increased the number of layers in a SVP cast

- Dual Reson T-20p driver.

- Several drivers were suffering from corrupt ini file issues.

- Klein 3500 Connect fault was causing HYSWEEP crash on close.

MAGEDIT  16.1.7

- Clarify the Shore Magnetometer Terminology.

- Fixed an issue with the WMA window picking target location.

Mapper 16.1.1

- New Save to XYZ features

- Save the Minimum and average soundings in a matrix, comparing those to the channel file and generating a difference depth as the new sounding XYZ file.

MBMAX 64 16.1.15

- Updated Wobble tool to compensate for transient periods of extreme boat motion.

- Added MRU yaw adjustments to the devices selection.

- Added Vegetation filter for Topographic Data

- Added Sounding nearest Cube Estimate to XYZ output.

- Added support for processing of multiple detection  sonars.

- Added Multi-Detect parser for ALL files directly into the editor.


Real Time Cloud  16.1.8

- Added NOAA S-57 Export ( requires new coTargets version 16.1.0 )

- Added measurement tool similar to CLOUD program.

- Added CHN clipping to the allow data inside of the channel.

- Corrected an error in the Boat Shape dialog

- Added Color By Intensity


HYPACK Main Shell  16.1.8

- Corrected a drawing issue associated with ESRI Shape file colors.

- Corrected a Line Editor error when changing the Prefix or Suffix

- Added the ability to zoom extents when displaying the HS2/HS2x files.

- Corrected an error reading the information for Geospatial PDF files.


Side Scan Survey 16.1.3

- Added logic to the Auto TVG option to avoid creating striping with low level data.

- Verified the accuracy of the target coordinates when bottom tracking is enabled.

SURVEY  16.1.2

- Fixed a shared memory feature for targets from Side Scan Survey marking on the map in SURVEY.

- Added the Anchor Sweep tools to the SURVEY program.

       - Fairlead logging position.

       - Output the Anchor Sweep to a DG2 file.



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First Master Support Technician awarded at HYPACK
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 23 March 2016 06:25 PM

        On March 24th 2016, Christian Shaw has completed the requirements set forth in the Customer Support Department to be the first qualified HYPACK Master Support Technician. As part of the process to reach this level of certification, Christian has presented an understanding of the HYPACK software that includes:

Basic HYPACK, Single Beam Survey, Multi-Beam Survey, Laser Scanners, Magnetometers, SubBottom, Sidescan, Volumes, DREDGEPACK ( Excavators, Cranes, Hydraulic Dredges )

        The Customer Support department is committed to enhancing our level of knowledge in the support of the software we produce as well as trends in the industry. Each support technician is required to work towards a higher level of understanding and knowledge throughout the year.



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Email conversion Issues
Posted by Jerry Knisley on 13 January 2016 09:34 AM

During the conversion to the new network there was a period in the evening when emails may have been lost. We do not believe that any emails were not received but if you do not receive a response to your email in a timely manner please contact the Customer Support group by resending your request.

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